As required with Rule 35(1) (c) Surveyor-General’s rules for Cadastral Survey 2002/2

SURPEG TM   BOUNDARY PEG 50 x 50mm x 500mm

A revolutionary product designed to provide an extremely durable and easily driven plastic peg. All pegs contain metal enclosed within the head for location by a metal detector.

This peg will not spilt, rot or break down exposed to weather and time.



Plastic Peg: long life materials modified for durability and impact

  • High visibility white top,  high impact, selected grades  thermoplastic
  • The words “Boundary Mark” are engraved into the top of the peg to confirm it is an official mark.
  • Custom colours and branding to suit a local or offshore project available.
  • The lightweight and peg comes ready to go withplastic over cap assembled and locked on.
  • The Government property vertical arrow is engraved / moulded into all pegs

Peg Appellation Mark Easy, Safe and Permanent.

  • We recommend the required Alpha or Numeric characters can be safely, clearly and permanently letter punched into the peg head prior to the peg being hammered into place.
  • The plastic could alternatively have markings applied with a dremel, or even hand carved, however long term durability and reading clarity would be best achieved by applying peg information with a punch set character.

Hand Carving

  • It the need be the peg can be hand carved.  The plastic is consistent in texture so the wood grain does not affect hand carving pressure required.

Peg Options

  • Standard white top plastic peg with metal insert in head for location with a metal detector.
  • Hard Peg (Grey coloured shaft with white top) also with metal in the head
  • Added capability by embedding a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip for both location and peg reference data by radio frequency signal. We have an ongoing development program to enhance location and data capabilities
  • We can provide an added capability by applying a location and information RFID chip into the hollow peg head.

If you would like free peg samples for trial please contact us at your earliest convenience.