Surpeg Information


We have designed and created a Plastic Survey Peg achieving approval from the NZ Surveyor General and LINZ to introduce this plastic survey peg into the New Zealand environment.

I have a background in plastics engineering and sales and for a better understanding of the Land Survey process and its many requirements I spent time working as a chainman with a Survey Company out in the field.

This practical experience has assisted with the design process and development of the Surpeg durable plastic boundary mark that can be easily driven in by Peg Bar or Maul. The top of the head has the words “Boundary Mark” engraved into the plastic to confirm it is an official mark. The official Government property arrow is also engraved into the head. Just your appropriate appellation details need to be manually letter punched into the peg head

Electronic Location and data storage

The hollow head design of this plastic peg enables us to embed an item into the peg head giving us the options of passive RFID (radio frequency location identification and data storage. We have an ongoing development program to optimise and enhance the pegs ongoing capabilities “Future Proofing” and improving as technology evolves.

  • The standard peg has metal embedded for location with a metal detector
  • We can insert a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip for location with a hand held reader and the capability to program and store data (currently in development)
  • We can custom colour or engrave or modify the head for a specific project or for approval in other countries.

We have also developed a version of this peg to run in modified composite plastics alloy to cope with very hard ground.

 Please contact us for an update on the electronic peg location system

Survey with a long-term professional product

Gregar Haycock
+64 21369804